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Super Foods You Should Know About

During the colder weather when illnesses become more prevalent, this is a perfect time to take care of yourself! You can take precautions like getting more sleep, washing your hands more frequently and taking vitamins, but you can also pay more attention to your diet. Consider ingesting more superfoods! Super foods are foods that contain high levels of minerals and vitamins. Many also contain antioxidants, which protect our bodies from cell damage and prevent diseases.

  1. Acai – A small purple berry that packs a big punch. Acai has been shown to aid in weight loss and has anti aging properties. This berry contains the same healthy fats found in olive oil! Avoid drinks with acai in them, because those typically have added sugar, which is not ideal for your diet.
  2. Goji berries – While this fruit has yet to become fully backed by scientific research, it contains a large amount of Vitamin C and has been said to aid in circulation and preventing diseases. Look for them at your local Whole Foods!
  3. Cocoa Powder- Like chocolate, this powder has been shown to lower blood pressure and increase blood flow to the brain and heart. With hardly any calories, and no fat found in this, this powder makes the perfect snack for someone with a craving for the sweet life. Look for the nonalkalized version – this means the powder hasn’t been processed too much and still contains its’ antioxidants.
  4. Seaweed – Sea grown foods pack omega 3s, and many important minerals. Seawood is good for bone and heart health.
  5. Chia Seeds – Packed with calcium, fiber and omega 3s, these seeds are an excellent snack, and can be easily added to meals!

With all of these foods – you should be well on your way to a healthy winter, spring and summer!

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