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Spring is Approaching! Volunteer with Those in Need!

It has been a long and record-setting winter in New England. Snow, freezing temperatures, collapsing roofs, power outages and road closures are just some of many reasons why the past few months have been such a headache. This winter has especially tough for our patients, who, due to the weather and physical restrictions, have not had many opportunities to get some fresh air.

Temperatures are on the rise and those who are able would love to spend some time outside with volunteers. We encourage volunteer opportunities at all three of our facilities and our patients always appreciate your time. Taking just a few minutes out of your day to spend time with those in need can substantially improve their mood.

Whether it is taking one of our patients out to lunch, playing a game with them, or just engaging in some casual conversation, your good deed will not go unnoticed. Volunteering is a great item to add to your resume and also fulfills requirements at many high schools and colleges.

This winter has seriously tested the patience of everyone throughout the region and most are looking forward to spring and warmer weather. Paying a visit to our facilities can help combat seasonal affective disorder, or the “winter blues” for many of our patients.

For more information on volunteer opportunities at Salter Health Care, please contact us today!

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