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Should You Get a Flu Shot?

Flu season’s peak time is from September 1st – April 30th. This means you can be affected by this serious and sometimes fatal disease at any point during these few months. However, you can usually see a spike in illness during the colder months like November, December and January. This increase in illness comes during colder months because many people are driven indoors and into close quarters. The closer each person is to the other, the easier it becomes to spread germs.

You should get the flu shot if you are over 6 months of age. Not only will it prevent you from becoming ill, it will help prevent spreading diseases to people who are vulnerable to life threatening illnesses. People like young children, pregnant women and the elderly are the most susceptible to the fatality of the flu due to weakened immune systems. Keep in mind, your immune system weakens as you age. There are higher dosage shots available for the elderly, which can work the best with their immune systems.

The end of October is the latest time in which you can be vaccinated. Your body will need about three weeks to develop the immunity, and this will bring you right towards peak flu season. Some things to keep in mind when approaching flu season are: the flu vaccine will not cause the flu! Also – be sure to take care of yourself even after you get the shot. Wash your hands regularly, eat a balanced diet, and be sure to get a good night’s rest whenever you can.

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