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September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer tragically claims the lives of thousands of people around the world. Every 3 minutes someone in the US is diagnosed with blood cancer, which is an alarming rate. While advances in research have helped diagnose symptoms faster, cancer is still one of the leading causes of death in the US. Despite advances in treatment, more than a third of patients diagnosed with blood cancer do not survive five years after their diagnosis. With the efforts of the Lymphoma Research Foundation’s (LRF) Advocacy Program, September was designated as National Blood Cancer Awareness Month in 2010 by the United States Congress. Since then, the LRF has brought awareness to the cause, not only for the month of September but throughout the year.

As with other forms of cancer, there is information available for early detection, treatment, and survivorship. People being informed about early detection is one of the main goals of Blood Cancer Awareness and want more people to get regular screenings. Here are some tips to help reduce your risk of cancer.Don’t use tobacco- Smoking has been linked to various types of cancer and even if you don’t smoke, second-hand smoke can still put you at risk.Maintain a healthy diet- Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable and avoid processed meats.Maintain a healthy weight- Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Strive to hit about 150 minutes a week of exercise to help maintain proper weight.Check your Family History- If someone in your family has had blood cancer in the past, you may be at greater risk.

To help spread the word about September is Blood Cancer Awareness month, visit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. By supporting patients with research, education, and access to affordable treatments, LLS is helping creating a world without blood cancer.

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