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New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

One of the most well-known New Year’s traditions is coming up with resolutions for the upcoming twelve months. While it’s good for people of all ages to set goals and objectives for their own wellbeing, it’s especially important for seniors to start out the New Year on the right foot. Setting resolutions for can ensure that seniors have a plan to stay healthy, happy and active throughout the entire year.

Here are just a few ways in which seniors can better themselves in the New Year:


In addition to their age and health restrictions, eating unhealthy foods puts seniors at a greater risk of heart disease or diabetes. Seniors should be sure to incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and vitamins into their diet. Foots with fat content are technically okay – as long as they are “healthy” fats and not saturated fats. For example, instead of eating a 12 oz. steak, seniors should opt for a piece of salmon or tuna instead. Fish is a very energizing meal with relatively low fat content.

Like everyone else, seniors should also be sure to limit their dessert and junk food intake. A piece of pie or bag of chips is acceptable once in a while. Eating these foods every day is a different story, however.

Staying Active

Somewhat of a cliche tip for seniors, staying active is truly beneficial. If physically able, seniors should strive to go for a short walk every day. Doing so keeps muscles and bones active and helps burn calories.

Staying active mentally is arguably just as important as staying active physically. Seniors should exercise their brain with books, puzzles and games such as chess for their mental health. A small but attainable example of a resolution would be to spend one less hour per day watching television, and instead spend that hour reading a new book or the newspaper.


Due to their age, many seniors have lost many of their friends and loved ones, and as a result, withdraw from social activities. What many seniors don’t realize is that those in the same facility as them are in a similar situation. Seniors should attempt to take part in social activities and engage with their peers. Socializing helps seniors form new friendships, keep their brain active, and can be a great mood booster.

Resolutions List: Be Realistic

A common reason why people do not achieve their resolutions is they do not set realistic goals. Before adding a resolution to their list, seniors should consider whether or not the goal is realistic. Seniors should also be sure to limit their list to three or four items. The list can always be added to as the year goes on, but seniors should work on a couple resolutions at a time and not overpromise themselves.

Salter HealthCare would like to wish all of its seniors a very healthy, happy and safe New Year! We wish you all the best in 2016 and look forward to continuing to serve your healthcare needs!

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