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How To Watch Your Calories This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! With so many options available at your dinner table, it can be almost impossible to eat healthy and watch your portions. However, just be aware of the caloric value in each item to start. A 3-ounce serving of turkey sits at about 130 calories. If you are a fan of the dark meat and skin, you’re looking at adding another 20 or so calories. While you may not able to resist the turkey, you can assess other options to cut back on your calorie intake on this holiday.

  1. Watch your portions. Don’t take mounds of each item. You can serve yourself smaller portions, and be mindful of your other meals as well. If you balance dinner with a lighter breakfast and lunch and sneak in some exercise, you will feel great by dinner.
  2. Give yourself time to digest to avoid overeating. Drink water in between every few bites to help yourself slow down. After you finish your first plate, wait about 20-30 minutes before having seconds. 20 minutes is the time it takes for your body to feel full, so if you let your digestive system run its course, you can avoid overeating.
  3. If you’re cooking dinner – try some low fat or skinny options. Lower fats in dairy is a simple way to cut back on calories.
  4. Get moving! Go for a run around your neighborhood or get in some family football after dinner. 60 minutes of activity burns about 400 calories – just about one slice of pecan pie. Activity will also help you fight off the afternoon fatigue from the turkey.

Don’t forget to enjoy your holiday and loved ones! There is plenty of room for you to keep your thanksgiving healthy and happy.

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