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Cold or Flu? When to See A Doctor

With the weather fluctuating these past few days many people are waking up with a sore throat and cold-like symptoms. With Christmas in a few days, you will want to protect yourself, and be aware of when you should see your doctor.

Doctors warn that most illnesses like the common cold, are caused by viruses and aren’t treated by antibiotics. When you have a fever that doesn’t seem to be easing up, and when you feel better, then worse is a good indication of when you should see your doctor.

When your body is fighting something else off, it is more susceptible to picking up another illness. In addition to the fever, if your symptoms hang around for more than a week, this could be a sign that your cold is a sign of a bacterial infection – something that can be treated with medication.

There is also a good chance that you are suffering from allergies from your Christmas tree!

If you notice some of these symptoms creeping in – it is the best idea to get some rest and drink plenty of fluids. In addition to this, take vitamins! You can start to fight the cold before it starts.

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