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Caring for an Aging Parent that Does Not Live with You

Living far away from an aging parent can be difficult and there can be constant worries. Are they ok? Are they eating enough? Are they happy? Caring for an aging parent that lives far away, in an assisted living facility or a nursing home, or simply far away can be challenging.


Communicating with your parent(s) is crucial for keeping your mind at ease. Check in, ask them about their day, update them on what you have been up to and how the rest of your family is. This will keep them in the loop about everything so they don’t feel like they are being left out.

If your parent is living in an assisted living center or nursing home, check in with the staff members every now and again on how your parent is doing, if anything has been going on that you need to be aware of that they might not share with you, and check to see if the center is having any family-friendly events coming up.

Learn What Help is Available

Always know what help is available, whether it is third party facilities or in-home care providers.If the first step is going to be assisted living, find out any information on the nursing home options the center might have to make any transitions down the line a little less stressful. Be sure to ask as many question as you might have so that you know what amenities, staff, and events are available so your parent can feel comfortable.

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t forget about your own needs. Caring for an elderly parent, whether near or far, can be stressful and can be tiring. Remember to take time for yourself, have date night with your spouse, take your children on a trip, or pamper yourself because you deserve it!

Schedule Regular Visits

If your parent lives close, schedule a few times to visit each month. Stick to a specific time and day each visit to make it easier for your parent to remember when you will be visiting and for you to remember as well. If your parent lives further away, visiting during the holidays and school vacations can be the most convenient times to spend a few days with your loved ones.

Send Letters & Gifts

Everyone will admit that receiving mail is very exciting and can turn any day into a good one! Even if your parent lives close by, send them a card or a small gift to surprise them when you can’t be there to visit.

Salter Healthcare has excellent traditional long-term care options for your parents. To schedule an admissions tour, please fill out our admissions inquiry form or contact us at (781) 729-2200 with any questions.

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