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5 Tips For This Pollen Season

Be prepared this pollen season.

Spring is upon us and while most of us are enjoying the beautiful weather, there are a good amount of us that suffer from pollen allergies. Most people have claimed their symptoms are getting worse every year and it’s not because their immune system isn’t working: recent research shows pollen counts are on the rise and expected to double by 2040. Living with allergies can be annoying with all the sneezing, sniffling and puffy eyes, but is there anything you can do to ease this year’s spring allergies? Here is list of tips to minimize exposure to pollen during these months in addition to taking your allergy medication.

Check Pollen Counts

Before you leave the house, take a look at the local news or a weather app on your phone for up-to-date pollen readings. If the readings are high, you should limit you time spent outside and take allergy medications.

Move Outdoor Activities to the Afternoon

Because the weather is getting better, most people will not want to spend their whole time indoors. Choosing to schedule outdoor activities in the afternoon will help your symptoms because pollen counts are usually highest from 5 to 10 a.m.

Keep Pollen from Following You into Your Home

Most people forget that pollen can attach to your cloths and hair when you spend time outdoors. The best way to prevent pollen from spreading into your home is by changing your clothes and taking a shower as soon as you arrive home.

Dry Laundry Indoors

As nice as the spring air may be to dry your clothes, pollen can attach to your wet clothes, sheets and towels. You should wait till the summer months to dry your clothes outside.

Use High-Efficiency Filters

Because the weather is getting warm, most people will start using their air conditioning to keep their home cool. What most people will forget is that the air condition is pulling air from outside to cool and push into your homes. Using high-efficiency filters will trap pollen and other allergens to keep your indoor air cleaner.

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