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10 Summer Activities for Seniors

The warm weather has finally made an appearance in Massachusetts and we are thrilled. Spending time outside is good for people of all ages but especially important as you get older to help with Vitamin D levels and joint movement. Keep in mind that extreme heat can cause dehydration, heat stroke, sun burn, and other safety risks so be sure to be prepared when going outside – apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and bring water outside with you.

  1. Have a picnic. Whether you sit on the ground or at a table, eating lunch outside helps break up the day while keeping a similar schedule. Grand children and other family members will love the adventure of experiencing the different sights and sounds.
  2. Reinvent your green thumb. Whether you decide to have a vegetable garden outside or a few herbs and flowers inside your home, there is no greater feeling than growing something yourself from a seed. There are so many options for gardening depending on your mobility from raised flower beds to a few small pots on your window sill.
  3. Join or start your own book club. The nice thing about reading is that you can do it anywhere and a book club can be two people or fifteen people. Book clubs are a great way to meet new people and are great for encouraging quieter friend to come out of their shell. When it’s nice out, try meeting outside!
  4. Sign-up for water aerobics. If you have a pool where you live or can easily access a pool, water aerobics classes are a great way to stay active and in shape and the water helps ease joint pain. If you attend classes outdoors, don’t forget UV ray protection!
  5. Fishing excursion.Whether you stay on land or go out in a boat, fishing can be relaxing and slow paced making it a fun activity for those with limited mobility. Don’t worry – you don’t have to eat the fish after! A nice day of catch and release is fun for everyone.
  6. Visit a museum.Museums are accessible to everyone and most have wheelchairs available for those who need them and they offer something to do on those rainy or extreme heat days while still being educational. Most museums offer discounts for seniors and some even have free admittance days, making them extremely affordable.
  7. Pick up a new hobby.The warm weather is a perfect time to start a new hobby or pick up a new habit. With all the birds out and about, give bird watching a try. There are so many different types, colors, and sounds that you will experience and over time you will be able to tell different birds apart. Knitting is also a wonderful hobby to pick up the moving of the needles can help with arthritis and you can have a scarf or blanket made by winter!
  8. Work on a puzzle.Not only are puzzles a great activity when staying out of the heat, but they are also a beneficial for cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination. Challenge yourself with a 1,000-piece puzzle or enjoy the excitement of finishing a 500-piece puzzle in a short period of time.
  9. Ice creams socials.Ice cream is a sweet treat that no one can pass up during the hot summer months! Hosting an ice cream social is a great way to cool off while socializing with your friends and family members, and is a great excuse to try new ice cream flavors. If someone has a dairy intolerance or an allergy, there are many organic, dairy-free and allergy options available.

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