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3 Healthy Living Tips for Spring

While we’re just a little over one week into spring, it’s certainly not too early to start thinking about how you can improve your health and wellbeing. Longer days, flowers blooming and nicer weather all give New Englanders a renewed sense of energy and purpose. For those who haven’t exactly had the healthiest of winters, spring means an opportunity to get back on track. Below are three tips for improving your health, and living an overall happier lifestyle.

Get Outside!

Even if the region fails to see its usual amount of snowfall, it’s hard to get outside during winter with colder temperatures and less daylight. If you’ve been cooped up all winter, try to find time to get some fresh air and exercise if you’re physically able. Even if it’s just to eat your lunch or walk your dog, spending a few minutes of your day outside can provide several health benefits and really boost your mood

Alleviate Your Allergies

For many, the sight of the flowers blooming every spring can be a pleasant experience. For others who suffer from spring allergies, it can be a painful reminder that sneezing, sniffling and other symptoms will soon return. In addition to taking your allergy medication, you can help your cause by doing a little spring cleaning. Be sure to regularly dust and clean your home during the springtime to help mitigate symptoms. You should also clean your bed linens, and if you have a forced HVAC system, replace any filters. It may also help to install air purifiers in your living room, bedroom and any other room in which you spend a great deal of time. This helps remove dust, pollen and other toxic elements from the air.

Regroup Mentally and Physically

Spring is widely thought of as a time of rebirth – plants and flowers begin to grow again, while birds and other creatures return from their annual exoduses. It’s the perfect time of year to regroup and revisit your goals for the year. If your physical and/or mental health could be improved, what are your plans for doing so? Remember that the year is not even halfway over; there is still plenty of time to follow through with your resolutions and live your best life.

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